Poupou (Carved Wall Panel)

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Te tapahi mata o Meihana.
Cutting blade of Meihana.

Carved wooden slab, displaying traditional carved image, faded red, figure with right side of upper head missing, tongue protruding from mouth, ten teeth carved in mouth, hands clasped at waist, head carved between feet, right hand side leg without surface decoration, the underside displays adze work (gouges). From Tamapahore ancestral meeting house carving represents the future descendants of Ngä Potiki o Tauranga Moana. Acknowledgements to the Tamapahore Marae Komiti.
Note other pieces from the wharenui include door lintel and posts (1811/85 ), wall panels (1794/85, 1795/85), amo (1793/85), front cross barge boards and several incomplete pieces ( poupou, wall panels ).
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New Zealand
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