Pigeon Racing Clock

Toulet Imperator
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A pigeon racing clock with case, key and two pigeon identity tag containers. The clock is made of chrome plated brass, brass and glass. Has 139845 etched on the side. The clock is circular and has a square box protruding from the side (15mm deep) and two handles which can be pulled together are approximately 85mm apart from the box. The box is for placing pigeon's identity tag holders into when a pigeon completes a race. The handles move a corresponding circle underneath with six separate compartments so that one tag is dropped into one compartment and the handle is squeezed to mark the finish and secure the tag so that it cannot be removed until the end of the race. The case can only be opened when all six identity tags have been placed within the clock and the round completed. This clock belonged to the donor's father, Arthur Alderton who raced pigeons whilst living in Whangerei. The clock was used from 1938 up until the mid fifties. Manufactured by Toulet Imperator, a French firm, the clock originally belonged to Mr W Griffiths, also of Whangārei. How it came to be in New Zealand is not known.
Toulet Imperator
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